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"Workshop used LEGO blocks as a way to tell the story and to learn the various styles and traits of leadership. It was quite an eye-opener and very engaging. Topic itself was very interesting and Nica's delivery style only made it better and more effective. And using LEGO to build a story, learn about one's personality and understanding one's thought process was great way of learning. Most importantly everyone had a lot of fun. I would recommend Nica and her LEGO workshop for anyone looking for their team's development."

- Hastak Shah, Schneider Electric

"I found the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® unique approach refreshing and engaging. Nica made us feel comfortable while thinking outside of the box. The innovative application created a level playing field and we could clearly communicate about the complex and important topic. I would really highly recommend it to any events / training that requires creativity, thoughtfulness and engagement."

- Thanh Tu Nguyen, Happiness Infinity


Amplify Point has significantly advanced the art and science of leadership development through its demanding, highly-experiential workshops and intense coaching programs. Amplify Point specialize in designing and running in-company training and development programs, which radically transform the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. 

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